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The 7 Voter outreach strategies you can use

Door to door canvassing

Involves a systematic approach of reaching your voters right at their doorstep. Your volunteers have a list of addresses whom they should contact every day. At each door they knock on, they engage the voter in a meaningful conversation and encourage him/her to cast a vote in your favor. 

Why does this voter outreach strategy work?

Worldwide door to door canvassing is the voter outreach strategy that has the highest impact. Because it is extremely personal and facilitates a conversation, your volunteers leave a lasting impression on the voters.

They talk to voters one at a time and hear their problems (or their take on a campaign policy), first hand. Based on what they hear, they can tailor their message to each individual voter.  

What does it need?

Despite its acclaimed success door to door campaigns are not used as extensively as other outreach strategies. That is because:

So before you decide to use door-to-door campaigns, have a realistic assessment of the resources at your disposal. You should be able to recruit, train, and enable volunteers on a massive scale to make this a success.